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First post 2012-11-30 17:20:00 (in thread Does lowsec need a buff?)
Last post 2017-08-01 11:19:58 (in thread Reason why this game will fade away: hate against highsec players)
Duration 1705 days (active period), 3339 days (since first post)
Daily average 0,3 posts/day (active period), 0,1 posts/day (since first post)
Typed characters 748 212
Longest post You know how some people like to claim most PVP happens in hisec? (6174 characters, posted 2013-04-29 12:59:00)
Average post length 1 530,1 chars/post
Threads started 2
First thread Sentries Outside POS Shield Exploit (Likes: 0)
Last thread 1-Time Use Superweapon Suggestions (Likes: 0)
Largest thread Sentries Outside POS Shield Exploit (221 posts in thread)
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EVE General Discussion 82,62% (404 posts)
Player Features and Ideas Discussion 14,93% (73 posts)
Crime and Punishment 1,23% (6 posts)
EVE New Citizens Q&A 1,02% (5 posts)
Live Events Discussion 0,20% (1 posts)

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