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First post 2011-01-12 16:17:00 (in thread [WTA] 13.7m SP Kronos/BS gallente Pilot)
Last post 2014-12-21 19:23:27 (in thread Announcement:Update regarding Multiboxing and input automation)
Duration 1439 days (active period), 3430 days (since first post)
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Longest post [WTS] 24m SP KRONOS lvl4 Mission Runner / ISK MAKER (2057 characters, posted 2013-03-07 20:51:00)
Average post length 295,3 chars/post
Threads started 4
First thread Swaping Gallente toon 15mil Sps
Last thread [WTS] 24m SP KRONOS lvl4 Mission Runner / ISK MAKER (Likes: 0)
Largest thread WTS 24m SP PvE Toon (10 posts in thread)
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Character Bazaar 95,65% (22 posts)
EVE General Discussion 4,35% (1 posts)

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