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First post 2011-06-24 23:35:00 (in thread Game Masters Freak Out (GM Stardust))
Last post 2011-08-29 21:58:00 (in thread GM Freakout again!)
Duration 66 days (active period), 3041 days (since first post)
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Longest post Keeping tally of unsubbed playes in googledoc, need moar names&links! (3075 characters, posted 2011-06-25 04:54:00)
Average post length 673,6 chars/post
Threads started 6
First thread Game Masters Freak Out (GM Stardust)
Last thread GM Freakout again!
Largest thread Game Masters Freak Out (GM Stardust) (79 posts in thread)
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EVE General Discussion 89,47% (34 posts)
Corporation, Alliance and Organization Discussions 7,89% (3 posts)
Skill Discussions 2,63% (1 posts)

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