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Welcome to the short documentation of the EVE-Search Twitter

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What is this?
The EVE-Search Twitter function is a way to notify users when certain keywords are mentioned on the EVE-Online forums.

The basics
You send commands by tweeting '@evesearch command' (available commands below). Once a keyword is set for monitoring you will receive a Tweet containing who posted the keyword, the timestamp and of course the link to the post itself.

[eve-search twitter]
help links this place
about general information
add usage:'add keyword'
usage:'add keyword -author'
usage:'add keyword +forum'
usage:'add keyword -author +forum'

*IMPORTANT* keywords containing spaces need to have those replaced with underscores, same goes for authors, for example keyword: mining laser -> would need to be specified as mining_laser

keywords need to be a between 4 and 50 characters long.

example: '@evesearch add veldspar -chribba +258' -> monitors 'veldspar' not posted by Chribba in the "EVE General Discussion forum" (forum ID's here)

-author is optional
+forum is optional
remove usage:'remove keyword'

removes the keyword from monitoring, this applies to all entries with that keyword (in case of multiple subforums)
clean erases all keyword entries
list lists all keyword entries
Forum ID's
Alliance and Corporation Recru265
Assembly Hall267
Character Bazaar277
Corporation, Alliance and Orga266
Crime and Punishment252
EVE Alliance Tournament Discus264
EVE Fiction259
EVE Forum Experiments275
EVE General Discussion258
EVE Information Portal247
EVE New Citizens Q&A257
EVE Technology Lab263
EVE Trial Citizens Q&A256
Events & Gatherings255
Features and Ideas Discussion270
Intergalactic Summit260
Issues, Workarounds & Localiza272
Jita Park Speakers Corner268
Market Discussions253
Missions & Complexes248
My EVE262
Out of Pod Experience261
Price Checks280
Science and Industry250
Sell Orders278
Ships and Modules251
Skill Discussions254
Test Server Feedback271
Timecode Bazaar276
Want Ads & Trades279
Warfare & Tactics249
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